SEO and ASO basic understanding.

During our first class we discussed the definition of SEO as well went in depth as to the functions of SEO. We also watched several videos discussing search engine optimization and how these functions within it worked. Afterwards we went over a handout discussing popular SEO terminology and then went a little deeper into the aspects of the functions of search engine optimization and each function’s weight of importance toward SERP ranking. Finally we looked into popular resources for learning more about SEO, including books, blogs and websites.

We also discussed ASO (Application Store Optimization) and its functions within the mobile app market. We briefly defined the meaning of ASO along with its goals and the basic understandings through PowerPoint and then watched two informative videos on the background of the optimization system. Concluding the class we reviewed both SEO and ASO and provided additional sources for more information on both platforms. Next class we will be going more into depth of the functions and timeline of SEO.