When looking at ways to improve your site rankings and potentially your profits, the first thing you have to do is better understand what the algorithm and searchbots are looking for. It is critical that you focus on key words and build websites that are filled with as much original content as possible. The next important factor is linking! Once you have built your website using keywords and content, go out and have your site linked by your colleagues, friends, in order to draw the necessary traffic you desire. Google and others have made it very difficult to game the system so the best thing you can do is build meaningful content that people will want to link to and visit.

More advice below.


–       Do a keyword Analysis

–       Create readable pages

–       Create keyworded pages

–       Consider “local”- if you sell locally then focus on getting it ranked when people search locally- use keywords and location

–       Register with the search systems

–       Get other sites to link to your site

–       Register with other places (craigslist, ebay, amazon, or search for Product data feed or feed management for tools that will feed data to other places)

–       Register with the shopping indexes

–       Create large amounts of content

–       Go after links in a big way

–       Social networking

–       Video


B) Making your site work well

– Limit multimedia

– Use text, not graphics

– Don’t be cute

– Make it easy to move around

– Provide different routes (provide options for people to navigate through site)

– Use long link text- links that are more than just a single word that describes where the link takes you

– Don’t keep restructuring- this breaks down links, broken bookmark