Modern SEO & ASO, Future and Recommendation

Global Search Engine Market Share

1. Google – 62.74%

2. Baidu – 18.68%

3. Bing – 8.70%

4. Yahoo – 7.79%

5. Others – 2.09%

The Coming of Google Hummingbird (2013 – Present)

– The Hummingbird is an entirely new algorithm.
– ‘Conversational search and semantic search’ are added to the Hummingbird algorithm – focus on the meaning of a phrase, rather than individual keywords because people use voice search rather than typing.
– Emphasis on page content making search results more relevant to the most appropriate page of a website
Semantic search
– Improve search results by focusing on user intent and how the subject of a search relates to other information.
– Focus on determining what a user really means, rather than a string of keywords, and then serving relevant results.
How to improve SEO in hummingbird?
1. Break down conversational Queries
– Use keywords that sum up longer search terms
– Use conversation-type keywords as they are where natural (e.g. in headings)
2. Use Synonymous search terms
– Optimize for keyword that often co-occur in similar contexts
– To see which keywords Google considers synonyms, note highlighted keywords in search results
3. Get Mentioned alongside competitors
– See which sites your competitors are cited on and reach out to the editors
– Analyze your rivals’ backlink profiles to find more citation sources
4. Revise your anchor text strategy
– Use relevant keywords around the anchor texts
5. Stand out in search results
– Check which vertical search results show up for your keywords (Maps, Video, etc.)
– Make sure you have the right content on your site to stand out in the multi-result-type Search Engine Result Page
– App Store Optimization is the new SEO because the mobile app market is growing so fast
– App Store Optimization is important because it enhances non-paid user downloads – a segment which generally has more loyal users, compared to paid downloads.
– Formula to increase ranking – (8 times the sales of the current day + 5 times the sales on the 2 proceeding days + 2 times the sales on initial date)
– Keyword optimization is pretty crucial.
– The icon that represents your App is hugely important. It should be eye catching and well designed to give a solid first impression
– The file size of your app under 10 MB can be downloaded over a 3G network whereas anything over that requires a wifi connection. If you can’t access the app the moment you find it, you may never come back.


Future SEO

– Massive Expansion of Google’s Knowledge Graph.
– Google Will invest in Artificial Intelligence either by acquiring AI company or developing its own AI.
– Mobile Search Will Become a Confirmed Ranking Factor since Google believe future is mobile
– Google+ Will Not Die as many are expecting since Google trend is clear is to focus on social where the value of data is tremendous mainly for ads.
– Google Will Acquire at Least One Social Media Platform to support Google+.
– Bing Will Focus Their Business on Embedded Partnerships through acquiring firms with devices or apps that they can enhance with search technology.
– Yahoo Will Continue to Build Their Presence in Search taking advantage of the partnership arrangement with Bing that last until July 2019.
– The EU Will Continue to Go After Google
– Net Neutrality Will Suffer a Setback in the US
– Cram your website with pertinent, usable or entertaining multimedia material your target market will appreciate and distribute it via social channels
– Push for more, better user generated content, blogger outreach and interaction with visitors
– Think more carefully about your target audience; who they are, what they want, the questions they may have, their lifestyles, their interests, you name it…