Why are you interested in SEO and ASO?

Hey Guys, just write something randomly about why you think this topic would be interesting OK?


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  1. Christopher.Hinman says:

    I’m very interested in SEO as well as ASO. I’ve used SEO in the past and plan on owning my own online website at some point in time and will need to incorporate SEO into it to ensure its success. ASO also interests me greatly as I would also like to explore the possibility of starting up an app company, either one that would work on other people’s apps or creating my own.

  2. Carter.Deekens says:

    I’m very interested in this topic because I see it as an opportunity to learn something new that I have taken for granted up to this point. With aspirations to start my own business, leveraging this tool and better understanding how Search Optimization works will allow me to focus resources on it to improve my business and create more traffic.
    Not only is it important for businesses, it is valuable for everyday use because I have often wondered why I get so many pages for my search and why certain ones rank higher than others.

  3. Pakornthep.Ratanawongpitak says:

    I think it is very useful in business world because SEO and ASO are one of the tools that help the company to gain more customers and profits. Therefore, knowing in this topic may one of the important factors that make my business to succeed in the future.

  4. Faisal.Philby says:

    Generally I’m interested in search engine optimization (SEO) because of how it helps generates revenues to organizations. especially that we are now living in a digital age where a company’s rank on Google for example is so much important than what it was couple of years ago. Here is a link to an interesting article on Why SEO is so Important for Businesses.



  5. Wei.Wang says:

    I’m interested in this topic because I have got lots of fun and benefits from SEO and ASO. I really want to know how these technology works and what can be improved in the future. Especially for ASO, as smart phones have become essential in people’s daily life today, ASO will surely have a large potentail market all over the world in the coming few years.

  6. Khalil.Suhail says:

    Knowing more about SEO & ASO will enable me to get the most of the internet in general. In US, I can see how people are relying on SEO for many things which is not the same in my country. I am benefiting a lot from the internet here in US and I am sure I will miss this when I go back home. Therefore, I am preparing myself to know more about the SEO & ASO to continue getting their benefits wherever I go or live in.

  7. Charles Liao says:

    I feel like learning more about this because I believe with more and more resources invested in Internet and Mobile business, SEO and ASO would be strongly connected with Big Data and customers’ pattern analysis, which would be crucial to success in Internet World.

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